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A walk with my camera

I’ve driven 21 kilometers last Sunday to Sta. Fe, hoping to photograph a furniture repair shop along the highway.  It was way past sunrise, and the shop is on the wrong side of the street, covered in shadows.  Next time perhaps.

That is the problem when I’m driving.  There are way too many photos that have not been taken.  I take mental notes of the scenes along the way, but it’s never the same scene on the way back.  Most of the time I miss the spot entirely.  The view going is never the same as the view coming. a kid's trike left for an ice-cream trike So I slowed down on the way back and saw this trike on the side street.  I parked my car safely on the road shoulder, crossed the street and this is what I got.  42 kilometers and this is all I had to show.  Little did I know that this first…

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LINE OF SIGHT – Official Trailer – On DVD July 2012

Lucas Brunell makes some AWESOME fucking bike messenger movies. Myself and many others have been waiting for this one to drop. Be sure we will have this at the shop and I will be the 1st to buy one. See more videos here (see Mexico Highway). The lines bellow are straight from his youtube.

Get the DVD at:
Line Of Sight is a rare view into underground bicycle messenger racing which has become a global phenomenon.  For over a decade Lucas Brunelle has been riding with the fastest, most skilled urban cyclists around the world while capturing all the action with his customized helmet cameras to bring you along for the ride.

This is bike riding like you’ve never seen before, in gripping first-person perspective through the most hectic city streets, on expressways in Mexico City, over the frozen Charles River, under the Mediterranean Sea, across the Great Wall of China and deep into the jungles of Guatemala.

Directed and Edited by Benny Zenga, Line of Sight is 60 minutes of the best Lucas Brunelle footage, with titles by Futura 2000, plus extras, outtakes, and a 40 page art book featuring photography and spoke cards from a decade of Alleycat races around the world.

“Lucas Brunelle goes for it. If you want to see what it’s like to play a live game of ‘frogger’, on a bike, with only one life, check out Line Of Sight.” – Mat Hoffman

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Hern’s Santa Barbara to Santa Monica Race

From Cranky’s Bike Shop in Santa Barbara. Race will start at 10:45 am Sharp! We are not waiting for anyone so DON’T BE LATE!.

$15 to race and you get an awesome t-shirt with that thanks to the guys at Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards.

Pre-registraion Opens Friday June 15th from 4pm to 7pm at Orange 20 Bikes.

Earliest train arrives from LA to SB arrives at 10:20. If you are taking the train I strongly recomend you pre-register.

Race is open for anyone who wants to do it, any bike you want. Helmets are mandatory. Tool kit and extra tubes strongly recomended. If you are UNDER 18 i need a note from your parents saying they are ok with you doing this race.

This is a fundraiser event so Hern can go to the Fixed Fest event in Indonesia.

Special Thanks to: Cranky’s BikesOrange 20 BikesSMA SkateboardsPredator Cycling,Mike BertinoMoth Attack BikesT-Level Bags and Carson Leh Saddles

See you all in SB on the 6/16!

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Butter Lettuce Wedge Salad with Gorgonzola Pear Dressing

Girl Eats Green

Do yourself a favor and make this salad.  Every time I eat at Ventana Grill, a local restaurant in Pismo Beach, CA, I get their wedge salad and then continuously crave it for days afterwards.  Well, Giada came to my rescue once again (it seems I might be obsessed with her.)  I never really understood the appeal of a wedge salad.  Honestly, it seemed to be so much work.  I mean you have to cut up the lettuce yourself while you’re eating it!  Wow, I’m lazy.  And even though this salad would also be delicious as a chopped salad, try it as a wedge salad first.  It’s so easy to assemble, easier than you think, and when you serve it up on individual plates to your loved ones they are sure to be impressed by its beauty.

Of course, like with most of the recipes I try out…

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2012 Bike Night at the Hammer foto stream!

Bike Night at the Hammer gallery.

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Flag of Los Angeles


The flag of Los Angeles, California, consists of a background of three notched stripes of green, gold and red. The colors represent olive trees (green), orange groves (gold) and vineyards (red), and the colors are also present in the flags of Spain and Mexico, the two nations who ruled over the area before it became part of the United States. The flag was designed by Roy E. Silent and E.S. Jones in 1931 for the Los Angeles sesquicentennial.

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June 12, 2012 · 12:31 am

¡¡Kym Perfetto on Access Hollywood!!!

One of the coolest people I know and an awesome friend. Luv ya Kym.  

  Run to Soul Cycle LA and take a class.

click on SoulCycle for SoulCycle WEHO

clic on Kym for more Kym

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