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Today work will begin on the Grand Ave. and Olive St. bike lanes. Together, the Northbound Olive St. and Southbound Grand Ave. will form a 1.5 mile bike lane couplet from Washington Blvd. to 7th Street. Removal of existing striping begins today with the actual striping and installation set to occur over the weekend. Each bike lane will include a 4 foot painted buffer and both streets will be receiving full-time parking, as shown in the schematic below.


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We think outside the box

I wanna live here!!!!


house architecture box timber architect modern photography photo organic modernism sustainable living flat family art

The Hunt House, on Fire Island, by architect Andrew Geller / photograph by Nina Leen

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Team Jortz

Some of you readers may or may not know that I got some schoolin as bike messenger in San Francisco. Fortunately for me, during my time of messenger career, my mom didn’t really understand what that meant due to her lack of schema for the term “bike messenger.” The man I was seeing a lot of then (a bike messenger also) and now dating (also not a bike messenger anymore), would recount tales of how his mom rightfully worried to no end about him being a bike messenger–so much that he would feel bad about telling her things related to messengerdom (unfortunately, she saw a Lucas Brunelle alleycat short). I listened dutifully, happy and thankful that my mom had no clue what my job meant to my safety and potential of becoming a vegetable. I was a messenger from the fall of 09 to the spring of 2012, roughly.


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LOG IV: Results

Way to go Hern. I know how much effort you put in for the cycling community here in LA and beyond. I’m very proud of how you represent. Great work on a wonderful event Sean. This event will keep growing more spectacular with time.


Hern is crowned the new Lord of Griffith!!! All Hail Hern! What an amazing day, 115 racers showed up to battle this past Sunday and almost that many came to watch. I can’t be happier with Sunday’s event and I can’t wait til next year. Thanks to everyone who raced and came out to watch and even bigger thanks to all of the sponsors who help make this event happen year after year!!!

Top Five (I left the list at home and will edit later, but congrats to everyone for killing it!!!)
1st: Hern Brakeless, LA
2nd: Willo Brakeless, LBC
3rd: Ivan Brakeless, LA
4th/5th: Kyle Kelly Brakes, LA (Kyle was being Kyle and hopped a shortcut trail, I didn’t allow in the race but waited for the other racers at the top of hill and at the awards ceremony he gave up his prizes and standing to Scott in…

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