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WestSide Invite LA. Meet the dispatchers

Dispatchers: meet your WestSide Invite Organizers

U-Lock Mob

If you wish to e-mail a dispatcher clic their name.

If you wish to know your dispatcher a little better, clic their pic.

El Jimmy Lizama 

Iggy Cortes 

Big Jungle 

Mike Loza 

Ash SantaMaria 

BeBe Gasca 

Ozzie Lopez 


Support Crew:

These are some hard working non messengers that are helping us make this go off.

Hern Montenegro 

Sean Martin 

Ace Boogie 


short link to page:



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Alley-cat (Last Men Riding add-on)



Alleycat (LMR add-on)

by Last Men Riding 23 hours 12 minutes ago


What a crazy night in Downtown LA. We shot this footage of an alleycat race for our short documentary “Last Men Riding”. But somehow we couldn’t fit it in anywhere, so we decided to make a little add-on out of it.

check us out on fb – online-screening coming up!

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Last Men Riding – Trailer



Last Men Riding – Trailer

by Last Men Riding 1 year ago


Dangerous traffic, bad pay and new technologies – Bike Messengers in Downtown LA are becoming an endangered species. This short documentary follows the Last Men Riding.

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