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Hern’s Santa Barbara to Santa Monica Race

From Cranky’s Bike Shop in Santa Barbara. Race will start at 10:45 am Sharp! We are not waiting for anyone so DON’T BE LATE!.

$15 to race and you get an awesome t-shirt with that thanks to the guys at Santa Monica Airlines Skateboards.

Pre-registraion Opens Friday June 15th from 4pm to 7pm at Orange 20 Bikes.

Earliest train arrives from LA to SB arrives at 10:20. If you are taking the train I strongly recomend you pre-register.

Race is open for anyone who wants to do it, any bike you want. Helmets are mandatory. Tool kit and extra tubes strongly recomended. If you are UNDER 18 i need a note from your parents saying they are ok with you doing this race.

This is a fundraiser event so Hern can go to the Fixed Fest event in Indonesia.

Special Thanks to: Cranky’s BikesOrange 20 BikesSMA SkateboardsPredator Cycling,Mike BertinoMoth Attack BikesT-Level Bags and Carson Leh Saddles

See you all in SB on the 6/16!


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CBNC Alley Cat by Hernan Montenegro

Gopro footage from the Revenge of The Nerds Alley Cat.
Sorry for the shitty video quality

CBNC Alley Cat from Hernan Montenegro on Vimeo.

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