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A walk with my camera

I’ve driven 21 kilometers last Sunday to Sta. Fe, hoping to photograph a furniture repair shop along the highway.  It was way past sunrise, and the shop is on the wrong side of the street, covered in shadows.  Next time perhaps.

That is the problem when I’m driving.  There are way too many photos that have not been taken.  I take mental notes of the scenes along the way, but it’s never the same scene on the way back.  Most of the time I miss the spot entirely.  The view going is never the same as the view coming. a kid's trike left for an ice-cream trike So I slowed down on the way back and saw this trike on the side street.  I parked my car safely on the road shoulder, crossed the street and this is what I got.  42 kilometers and this is all I had to show.  Little did I know that this first…

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  1. ledonnarama

    You know, lately I’ve been thinking the same thing. For whatever reason I have completely gotten out of the practice of taking pictures. In my mind there are at least a hundred billion unsnapped photos

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