Happy Ten/9 to all the homies and homegirls around the globe still doing the job. Y’all ROCK!!!

10-9 Day is Bike Messenger Appreciation Day That’s Today!!!

Today is October 9th or 10-9. In the bike messenger world of communication code 10-9 means “repeat, say again please”  Below is the history of 10-9 taken from Mess Media. Today, please appreciate your bicycle delivery personnel. Give them a smile, maybe a hug. Hey how about a thank you. That would be awesome!!!

Happy Ten/9 to all the homies and homegirls around the globe still doing the job. Y’all ROCK!!!

October 9th

In 1991, a mayoral proclamation decreed that October 9 of every year would be Messenger Appreciation Day in San Francisco. October 9 is “10-9″ in radio code and means “Say again” or “What?” 10-9 Day is celebrated informally all over the world. In 1997 Toronto joined San Francisco in celebrating Messenger Appreciation Day with a joint proclamation from the City of Toronto and Metro Toronto.

10-9 Day has been proclamied or recognized by Calgary, Chicago (proclamation), Edmonton, PortlandSanFranciscoToronto, Montreal, Vancouver , Houston andWashington DC.

The United Nations has also proclaimed October 9 as “World Post Day”

Let’s congratulate all bike couriers on the benefits they bring to our cities:

    • a solution to the problems of pollution, congestion and gridlock faced by large urban centres
    • reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the downtown core
    • take up less space on the road and do less damage to the roads than cars resulting in better conditions and streets for all road users
    • increase the safety of pedestrians compared to cars. (studies show that pedestrians are “250 times as likely to be injured by a car, bus or taxi” than a bike.)
    • aid charities
    • draw tourists and international attention to cities through events and races
    • provide a value added service that continuously improving firms seek out as a means to reduce costs and improve efficiency (crucial to the movement of important information)
    • are ambassadors of goodwill for the city
    • provide a link between many of urban homeless people and the rest of the downtown core
    • year round cyclists who promote the bicycle as a viable form of transportation and economic development

More at Mess Media. 



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