Eggplant Pizzas

Oh Yeah, this looks good

The Raw Serenity

The popular term “meat and 3 veg” doesn’t relate to me at all, not just because I am vegan but because I never understood why someone would serve just 3 types of vegetables.
I eat a very colourful diet to ensure I am getting a variety of nutrients with every meal so to think of just limiting the popular side of vegetables to just 3 doesn’t interest me at all.

Although the fridge is always stocked with fresh fruit and vegetables the purple shade vegetables aren’t always a staple.
Eggplant is one vegetable in the nightshade family that I love. Its glossy, beautiful pigmented skin, its versatility and its potent source of antioxidants plus a great scavenger for free radicals how can you not love eggplant!?
The other day while I was thinking of a new dish to create using eggplant for dinner I asked my mother why we never…

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